Hello, we are architektoniczki, agency for gender-smart innovation.

We create feminist spaces in urban areas and architecture

We are actively gathering evidence to demonstrate the profound impact of spatial design on individuals' life trajectories. We are dedicated to challenging conventional norms and promoting inclusive, equitable, and diverse methods in urban planning and architectural design

Impact Areas

We focus our attention and impact on all scales - from mm to km


Are you aware that kitchens are often the only spaces designed with women's dimensions in mind? How can we work towards changing this inequitable situation?

Public Space

Did you know that teenage girls are among the most excluded groups from public spaces? How can we effectively educate about spatial equity when the design of physical spaces often contradicts it?


Is your city familiar with methods for researching human behavior within physical spaces and their impact on urban design and planning?

Enhancing urban development to foster a women-friendly environment

How we can help you

We tailor our approach and services for each challenge:

Facilitating Knowledge - Diagnosis & Audits

We collaborate with municipalities, architecture firms, developers, and communities to conduct comprehensive analyses of specific spaces, whether they be urban areas or buildings, from a gender-inclusive perspective

Producing Gender-smart Innovation

we offer advice, consultation, and mentorship in incorporating gender and marginalized group perspectives into urban development plans and architecture to foster more inclusive urban environments

Exploring Built Environment

We facilitate participatory processes and community engagement initiatives to comprehensively identify the diverse needs of communities in relation to their spatial environments, fostering inclusive design solutions

Creating Equal Spaces - Designing

As certified architects and urban planners, we offer design services spanning from conception to realization stages, covering urban planning, building design, and interior design, all approached with an inclusive perspective

Understanding Female Experiences

We collaborate with universities, NGOs, governmental, and non-governmental organizations to develop methodologies for researching the built environment from a feminist perspective

Co-learning Experiences

We organize workshops, academies, lectures, courses, and serve as keynote speakers at conferences, voluneers in various organizations, advocating for equitable spatial design principles and practices

We are busy with

Research of public spaces

We research open spaces from spatial equity perspective


We are a part of FEMACT URBACT project

4e methodology mobile app

We develop mobile application in order to research cities


We run WLINTA nightwalks

Genderplanning and design

We design and redesign built environment to accomodate various genders, ages, abilities


We provide workshops with WLINTA

Join us in crafting a series of practical solutions for designers and decision makers in urban development:

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Creating infrastructure that produces freedom

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